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‘RSS2 Feed’ in Vietnamese?

On 1/28/2007, I was doing some volunteer translation work for the project, It asked me to translate the phrase, RSS2 Feed for Comments, into Vietnamese. I took the steps as explained below.

The first step I did was to re-write the original phrase into fuller English text such that my sixth grader at home in Texas could understand what it is trying to say: Web feed in the form of Rich Site Summary 2.0 for comments. The sixth grader may not understand what web feed means and he may not understand what Rich Site Summary means. He could however ask for help about various parts of the original text.

The word fuel means nhiên liệu in Vietnamese and document means tài liệu. The word material means vật liệu and data means dữ liệu. The suffix liệu in Vietnamese means the stuff that can be fed or used as part of something of the same kind or of something else greater. Therefore I believe that the phrase web feed should be translated into Vietnamese as web liệu. This is only possible if the word web is already considered part of the Vietnamese language. But it has not been officially done so anywhere that I know of just yet.

Since the Vietnamese language has not been evolving as fast as other major languages, most Vietnamese translators prefer to simply adopt the English words into the Vietnamese language. This is not too bad for words like radio and laser. However, most do not stop there. They basically turn video into viđêô instead of, as I would do it, hình động, which in Vietnamese literally means, dynamic picture.

My Vietnamese translation standard is simply this, if an average third or fourth grader in Vietnam cannot understand the resulting translation from English, or whichever source language for that matter, it should not be considered good Vietnamese translation.

In order to get the Vietnamese to accept that web feed is web liệu, I would first need propose, a Greater Vietnamese Language (GVL) whose goal would be to ensure that elementary students in Vietnam could understand the translated text without college education for many sophisticated concepts grade school students in western civilizations often taken for granted. I would then use GVL rules to bring the word web into Vietnamese language. This is not easy as radio or laser for the word web in Vietnamese does not have the same meaning as web in English. Talking about GVL and the meaning of web in Vietnamese is not appropriate for this article. It would take me a dozen articles to get there from here.

The above paragraphs do not explain how I get here. It only says how difficult it was for me to get here. I will further explain myself about many questions raised by this article. Suffice it to say, after some pain, I got this phrase decently translated. And I should expect many conflicting comments from the Vietnamese coming my way about my approach to English-Vietnamese translation.

With GVL in the back of my mind, I’m now equipped to carry out the translation task. The noun token RSS2 is kept in the original form but moved to the front of the noun where adjectives and modifers in the Vietnamese language need to be. The word feed was expanded to web feed. The resulting translation for the phrase, RSS2 Feed for Comments, is thus: Web liệu RSS2 cho những lời nhận xét.


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