Chương trình Tô mỳ Minh duy

Giải quyết hiệu quả vấn đề trong những mối quan hệ

Tony Minh Duy — A Biography

Tony Minh Duy is a Vietnamese-American. He goes by Tony in the USA but in the Vietnamese world, he is known as Minh Duy, sometimes master Minh Duy. By profession he is a Programming QA Engineer, that is, an engineer who works with the formal testing of software but also knows how to code. He is the creator of TSGGML, a smaller version of HTML but with commands and attributes based on the Vietnamese language. He is also the creator of, which in Vietnamese means, my business card. His blog is called To My Minh Duy because it is easier for the Vietnamese to say, Tô Mỳ, which in Vietnamese means, a bowl of noodle. The purpose of this blog is to help the Vietnamese have a better understanding of the West and vice versa. How?

How could Tony Minh Duy, an individual, make a difference? Many years ago, not long after he got a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at the age of 19, while being sent by IBM to attend a course on software engineering in New York City, he learned about Eva Perón through the musical Evita. After seven years with IBM, he spent the follow-on seven years in Germany where he witnessed the fall of the Berlin wall and also saw the same musical the second and the third time there. Evita, the Spiritual Leader of the Nation in Argentina, has since been a role model for Tony Minh Duy. She is an example where an individual could make all the difference.


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