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Invitation to Found a Vietnamese Business Organization

To: Whom This May Concern

From: Tony Minh Duy

Subject: Open Invitation to Found a Great Vietnamese Business Organization

Greetings from Texas!

This is my letter to you as an open invitation for you to become one of the founding members for a great Vietnamese business organization in the near future. If this is not for you, please pass this on to your friends. They might appreciate the information as a great gift from you.

A few words about me are in order. I’m a Vietnamese-American who graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics at the age of 19. I worked for IBM seven years and lived in German seven years. I could speak German on the phone but not as fluent as English and the Vietnamese language. By profession I’m a Programmer QA Engineer. I’m the creator of TSGGML, a version of HTML based on Vietnamese keywords, and I also am the creator of The domain name was registered on May 4, 2007, but only two months later Google could gather more than 27,000 search results. This speaks volumes on the strength of this newly created website. I’m also creating both and but these two websites are not yet operational.

VietnamQA is to become a personal outsourcing company servicing individuals and small businesses in the USA. TownCorners is to service small stores across America. DanhThiepToi will supply both VietnamQA and TownCorners with human resources available in Vietnam. These three businesses should together be able to repeat the Vietnamese success in America not too long ago, as explained in the next paragraph.

According to the result of a study published in January 2004 by Professor Federman of Pitzer College in California and Professors Harrington and Krynski of Kenyon College in Ohio, “While many people believe that immigrants displace native workers, most studies by economists find that immigration has little or no adverse effects on the employment outcomes of natives. From 1987 to 2002, 35.6 thousand Vietnamese immigrants entered the market for manicurists in California, a number that is slightly greater than the total number of licensed manicurists in 1987. Using California data for 34 metropolitan areas over 16 years, they estimate that for every three Vietnamese immigrants who entered the market for manicurists, two filled new jobs and one displaced a non-Vietnamese manicurist. The entry of Vietnamese manicurists accelerated after 1996 when the licensing exam was first offered in Vietnamese, especially in metropolitan areas with large Vietnamese enclaves.”

Needless to say, Vietnam has a great deal more than just 35600 smart people whose desires to stay near home are equally as strong as their dreams to service the American market through a business vehicle such as VietnamQA. If well organized, even without mass immigration, the Vietnamese could again become as successful as those manicurists in taking over another niche market in the USA. With VietnamQA, doing so for several niche markets at once would not be unthinkable.
No, VietnamQA is not yet an organization. No, TownCorners is not yet an organization either. DanhThiepToi is just a small group.

In order to found a great business organization, we need to have good people—willing and able to chase after their own dreams and thereby help others to realize theirs. Are you one of such good people? If so then I would like to invite you becoming a founding member of a business organization that will become a significant factor in the American economy and thereby bring many jobs to offshore human resources in Vietnam.

Would you like to make a difference for both countries? Being a founding member of a great business organization based on, and offers you this great opportunity. Check out our business model at

If you are interested, please sign up with to create a standard Vietnamese online business card then leave its web address in a reply to the blog page at One of us will contact you and let know of the next steps.

Sincerely yours,

Tony Minh Duy


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One comment on “Invitation to Found a Vietnamese Business Organization

  1. Hai Nguyen

    toi la nha san xuat gia vi thuc pham dang vien nen kho, dung nau nuoc dung trong cac mon an viet nam. mong muon hop tac tieu thu san pham.

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