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Who is Tom Costello?

Who is Tom J. Costello?

August 13, 2007

Tony Minh Duy

I’m the creator and the webmaster of, which means My Business Card in Vietnamese. I’ve just recently discovered that crawlers from both and are harvesting data from my servers. I’m glad. What is so interesting is that web bots from seem to crawl on my machines as often as those from But what is Tom Costello is its CEO but who is he?

This article is a quick attempt to answer the question who Tom Costello is, and maybe later on, what is. All information and pictures are gathered from various sources on the web. For now this article is going to be a perpetual Beta. It will be further updated as more information about Tom Costello becomes available. You may consider this article as the first brick in the building of a full biography of Tom J. Costello.

Above is one of the earliest pictures of Tom Costello. He published various papers and taught two Computer Science courses: Knowledge Representation and Reasoning and Non-monotonic Common Sense Reasoning. His research interests included Reasoning about Action, Nonmonotonic reasoning, and Declarative Representations of Heuristics.

While at Stanford 1996 Tom Costello co-chaired, Common Sense 96, the Third Symposium on Logical Formalizations of Commonsense Reasoning. He was also a member of the Formal Reasoning Group.

Over the years, Tom Costello has made contributions to many papers written by other people. For example, Tom Costello through conversations contributed to, Phenomenal Data Mining: from Data to Phenomena, an IBM-supported paper, six years later published by his former advisor, John McCarthy, while McCarthy was a visiting faculty during the summer of 1996.

He obtained his Ph. D. from the Stanford University in 1997. His dissertation was titled, Non-Monotonicity and Change. His advisor was John McCarthy. Here is a picture of Murray Shanahan, Tom Costello, and John McCarthy on March 29th 1995:

It was Dr. Tom Costello who on 4/7/2005 registered and created the domain name At this website you should find the following description about Dr. Costello:

“Tom Costello is the CEO of Cuill. His fundamental breakthroughs in search architectures and relevance methods are at the core of Cuill’s cool technology. Tom’s pioneering work in search began in 1999 when he created Xift, a revolutionary search engine that introduced automatic clustering and page analysis.”

As an instructor at Stanford University in 1999, Costello taught the Computer Science course, Nonmonotonic Common Sense Reasoning (CS323).

The description about the CEO goes on:

“Tom later joined IBM where he developed the initial prototype of WebFountain, after which he moved to the business-side in various project management roles driving operational imperatives. Tom was a member of IBM’s strategy team for Storage Systems Strategy worldwide and he drove the development the company’s Homeland Security Strategy. Tom has a PhD in Computer Science from Stanford University and was Research faculty there until 2000.”

During the Winter Meeting of the Association for Symbolic Logic in conjunction with the annual meeting of the American Mathematical Society at San Diego, California, January 10–11, 1997, Tom Costello and Anna Patterson, his colleague now Cuill’s Vice President of Engineering, see one of her earlier pictures below, presented the paper titled, Exponentials as Projections from Paraconsistent Logics, a.k.a. Guilt-free exponentials. It was here that Tom met Miklos Ajtai of IBM Almaden Research Center, whose paper was titled, Induction, counting, and approximate counting in finite structures. For Tom, this must have been the first contact with IBM, specifically, IBM Almaden Research Center where he later work at.


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