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About the Vision of a Million Jobs for Vietnam

CXV1TL is a Vietnamese abbreviation for, Chất xám Việt – một Triệu lần, which literally means, the Vietnamese gray matter – a million times. The token CXV1TL is used as an in-text tag to mark all articles related to the vision of bringing through the web a million Vietnamese programmers into the American economy by the year 2020 with the slogan, programming services at minimum wage. Yes, as soon as you see the price, for just $9.75 per hour, you can now make software without knowing how to program. Why must you? Through, an army of low-cost, high-quality programmers are now at your disposal. As soon this becomes part of the American work culture, you cannot afford to avoid the use of programming services at minimum wage.

Ready or not, the Vietnamese are here to stay. As of 2007 Vietnam is part of WTO. This will be both a blessing and a curse for the American economy. It will become a blessing because the cost of doing business will be lowered even compared to what India could offer. It will become a curse because many college students will not want to compete with the Vietnamese for programming jobs. Which college-educated professional in the USA would want to compete in providing programming services at minimum wage? To know the meaing of all this, ask former coal miners.

It took the Vietnamese just a decade and a half to take over the nail care sector. It should take much less time for them to repeat that in another industry, say, web programming. Even India can’t help but to consider using Vietnam as a secondary source of, well, even for them, offshore outsourcing!

What makes the above vision possible is, which is not called the home page but the Facade Page. Don’t go there to check it out because the so called home page changes by the day–and for a very good reason: to entertain its members! It would drive you nuts. No, it is not its intention to attract business people there. Instead, you should go to or, for the Vietnamese to remember easily,, which is the traditionally constant front page for casual visitors to the site. Alternatively, you could click on the site’s logo, see below, which should swich you between the Main Gate and the Facade Page.

The Vision CXV1TL is less than a year old. It came about only after Vietnam became part of WTO at the start of 2007. Originally the domain name was, which in Vietnamese means doing an intern job. In order to get its members ready for post-WTO Vietnam, the site operator got the new domain name,, created, in fact, on May 3, 2007. Within few months, according to, it became one of the top 3000 most popular websites in Vietnam.

The lack of professional user interface did not stop a bunch of people from making use of the site. The web address,, gives you an idea of how many new members join the site each day. You could tell the seriousness of this site by looking at the full names and real ages on the list. The Tỉnh-Thành let you know the current province and the Huyện-Quận column let you know the current district where the member resides. Click on the name of a province or district and see the list of newest members for that area.


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