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Free Website Help for Vietnamese Organizers

To:       Vietnamese Organizers

From:   Tony Minh Duy – – 214-796-1701

Date:    May 1, 2009

Sub:     Free Website Help for Vietnamese Organizers

I’m Tony Minh Duy, creator of Danh thiếp tôi (DTT) is a Vietnamese social networking web portal system. Its user interface is based on both the Vietnamese language and the Vietnamese culture. It gives Vietnamese organizers the power to offer online social networking functions to even those members who do not speak languages other than Vietnamese.

I volunteer to create additional functions, improve existing functions at this website in order to make DTT more useful to each and every Vietnamese organizer be it for a full community or just a cultural event. I volunteer to write specific user’s guide for members of your organization so they can make the most out of DTT for their purposes. I volunteer to help Vietnamese organizers to make the most out of web technologies. Your members can use DTT free of charge.

When your members sign up with, each person is given an online business card (danh thiếp web). Trần Đức Hoàng is a sample user and the web address for his online business card is

In addition each DTT member will own a Home Gate (cổng nhà) where they can check for Home Gate Messages (lời gợi giao) from other members. When you visit a home gate that belongs to another DTT member you will see only messages exchanged between you and the owner of the home gate.

At DTT you can create a web office (gia phòng) for your leadership team (ban tổ chức) and another web office for your regular members. Only web office participants (người nhà gia phòng) can see the information posted inside the web office.

In addition to cổng nhà and gia phòng, DTT has many other functions making it easier for your Vietnamese-speaking members to carry out online collaboration effectively. Furthermore, you give each and every member the power to organize their own committee, team within your organization without a fuss.

Are you organizing a Vietnamese wedding, a Vietnamese family reunion or a Vietnamese conference? You can create portal pages (trang cổng) for each event. DTT users have total control of the left menu column on every portal page. DTT can in seconds turn your list of 50 or 100 member names into a left menu column with 50 or 100 menu items, one for each person in your group.

I, Tony Minh Duy, can help you and other Vietnamese organizers to make the most out of web technologies for their members totally free of charge so that the Vietnamese can focus more on community organizing and less on struggling with web technologies.

Sincerely yours,

Tony Minh Duy


One comment on “Free Website Help for Vietnamese Organizers

  1. spokelement

    Hi Tony,

    I am interested in your offerings relative to the Spokane area and eventually Northwest Vietnamese community. Is anyone from the Spokane area using your service?

    I am working on area-wide news and entertainment platforms. I plan to reserve space for ethnic community inputs, that can be in either English or a native language.

    Your web offerings could lead to a steady, reliable source of content that may be of value to both local and wider-communities.

    I would like to learn more about your organization, and perhaps be able to promote your service or organization in the Spokane area.

    Mike Noder
    Spokane, WA

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