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Volunteer Opportunity for a Csharp Programmer

Viet North Texas, a Vietnamese community in North Texas, has a volunteer opportunitity for a:

C# Programmer

This person, under the direction of the development manager will develop applications to meet the business needs of the organization. There are a number of areas of application that can be developed. The person who volunteers will gain valuable experience working with various functional groups to support the community mission of Viet North Texas.

Benefits of this position include:

  • Serving the Vietnamese around the world
  • Valuable real world experience in developing the latest C# applications
  • Working with a great team helping each other grow as the organization grows

Requirements for this position include:

  • At least one year experience with C#
  • Minimum 8 hours per week volunteer time to assure project completion
  • Must have a web-enabled computer at home

To apply for this volunteer job, please do the following:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the link New Message
  3. Enter your name, phone and email
  4. Leave the zipcode field blank
  5. In the Request box, type in the phrase: “I would like to volunteer working as a C# programmer in order to gain experience.”
  6. Press Submit
  7.  When done send the above phrase to for immediate response.

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