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What is VNT? What is VietNTx? What is Vinotehq?

What is VNT? What is VietNTx? What is Vinotehq?

VNT is stands for Viet North Texas, which means, the Vietnamese in North Texas. If you are a Vietnamese who lives in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Denton, Garland, McKinney, or any other city in this Texas region then you are part of VNT. VNT is neither a business nor an organization. VNT is an online community in which many individuals, businesses and organizations work together in various groups for mutual benefits. Such benefits should bring about more income, better education or greater life to some or for all involved. How? Read on.

VNT uses several websites to create a common workspace for all its members. The Vietnamese website, the mobile website, and the multilingual website are three examples. The mobile website for VNT is Here the information is presented in English. You can use the mobile browser on your cell phone to access the information in English as provided by VNT.

The main website for VNT is located at An alternative address for it is The information presented here is in Vietnamese. To become an official VNT member you must have a Facebook account and be part of the group on Facebook called, the Vietnamese in Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex and North Texas. Its web address is In this document, FBG refers to the VNT group on Facebook and the phrase, go to FBG, means go to the home page of this group on Facebook.

VietNTx is an online collaboration system designed to work as the community center for VNT. It is located at and its alternative address is VietNTx is just a prototype for something bigger. When it becomes mature, it will be productized and it will carry a more generic name friendlier to non-Vietnamese communities, say, the Vinotehq system.

The HQ in Vinotehq stands for headquarters and the term Vinotehq refers to the community headquarters system by Viet North Texas. Vinotehq does not include all the functions that are not applicable to non-Vietnamese users. Go to HQ means go to the Vinotehq system home page. Notice, VNT/FBG is a community whereas Vinotehq is the community center.

The purpose of this document is to ensure that both the user and the developer are on the same page as to what the Vinotehq system should be and which functions are part of VietNTx but not part of the Vinotehq system.

Introduction to Vinotehq

Vinotehq, pronounced as vee-no-tek, is an online collaboration system designed to work as the community center for a very large Facebook group. Its first prototype is called VietNTx because it caters to more than 50,000 Vietnamese people in North Texas. Vinotehq should include all functions in VietNTx except those not so useful to non-Vietnamese users.

Someone who lives in Denton, 39 miles or 63 km away from Dallas, would ask Vinotehq questions like, how many Vietnamese live in the greater Denton area? Which of these are studying in the University of North Texas (UNT)? Which Vietnamese students in UNT have Yahoo chat names? The first set of functions in Vinotehq must be able to automatically answer these questions.

Vinotehq should be able to help a Vietnamese business owner in Garland, 18 miles or 30 km away from Dallas, quickly produce the list of all the VNT members who live in Garland. Vinotehq should also be able to help a community organizer to quickly produce a list of all VNT members who live in North Texas, elsewhere in the US, in Vietnam or elsewhere in the world.

In order to answer questions, and and response to requests, such as those shown above, Vinotehq must have a way to gather personal information from VNT members.


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