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Text STOP to KGBKGB or 542542 then no longer get KGB Messages or Charges

This is my experience with KGB KGB 542 542 texing service. During the Super Bowl 2010, I saw the commerical that I could get the answer from KGB faster than from the Internet. My friend Jared and his friend Brandon were there. I wanted to check out the service and at 7:43 PM on February 7, 2010, texted the following message to KGB KGB: “Is Pandora a planet in Avatar?”. If my memory served me well, the commerial bragged that KGB KGB could provide the answer faster than I would with the Internet. After few minutes, I went to my mobile web browser and got the answer. I got the result from there faster than from KGB KGB. At 7:59 PM I received the following answer back: “Avatar’s Moon Pandora may be real, some planet-hunters say. NASA now has techonology to find such places kgb_team.” I was not happy with the result. KGB KGB then sent me a following message telling me that it was not a free service. I was never advised that the service was not free. I accepted my stupidity to allowed Super Bowl 2010 spirit sucked me into a tricky commerical from KGB KGB. So what? It costed me only 99 cents, not a big dea. However, at that time I told myself, I would never want to have anything to do with KGB KGB ever again. Hours and days went by. My life was happier with out any memory of KGB KGB. Suddenly, today, at 11:02 AM on Feb 12, 2010, I received the following text message from KGB KGB: “kgb: Hi, did you catch our Super Bowl Ad? See it now on YouTube. DYK this SB is the most watched TV event ever? Txt SBTV to see the popular show it replaced.” What? Why could they not leave me alone?The tree wanted to rest but the wind did not leave it alone. Now that I was reminded of my bad experience with KGB, I want my money back. First, I spent time to find out how to stop this KGB madness on my cell phone. I learned that all you have to do is to text “STOP” to 542542. You will then receive the following message: “Sorry you’re opting out of this service 😦 You’ll no longer get kgb msgs/charges. Hope you txt us again when you need expert answers. 4 info call 8885669542.” I called that number and requested that they should refund my 99 cents because I was not satisfied with the service. It was false advertisement. The lady Customer Service Representative was very nice talking with me about the issue. She was nice. The service from the company sucks. She asked from my fist name and last name, I gave her my fist name and last name. I asked for her first name and last name. She gave me the first name but refused to give me her last name. I have nothing against her personally thus I will not talk about her first name here. I only want to say that her company’s policy sucks because it through her asked for my last name but refused to let me the customer know the last name of their Customer Service Representative. In the end, they took down my personal information and recorded in their system. I asked them, would they rather refund my 99 cents or make me want to write up my distaste for their service? The company refused to refund my 99 cents. OK, so, here it is, if you want to do your friends and their friends a big favor the make sure that they will never ever have to by chance pay for a service that is not as good as their Super Bowl commercial suggested, well, just copy this entire text and post it on your blog. Remember, to ensure that you will “no longer get kgb msgs/charges” from KGBKGB or 542542 via texting by chance again, text “STOP” to KGBKGB or 542542. Do it now. Ask your friends let their friends know of this. Oh, by the way, according to her, this is their corporate address: 655 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10065. This is redeculous. It’s only 99 cents and I was going to forfeit it but they kept messaging me, bothering me even when I was not asking any questions. OK, perhaps I over reacted. Still, this is my feeling. Now, back to what I was trying to do, before I was interupted by their stupid texting message that led me to believe that if I won’t send STOP to them they will not stop bothering me.


One comment on “Text STOP to KGBKGB or 542542 then no longer get KGB Messages or Charges

  1. tonyminhduy

    Fustrated with KGBKGB? Let people know how you feel about 542542 here!

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