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Craigs list Work Scam or Paranoid job hunter

  • jannawhittaker: Hello Matthew, how are you doing today ?
  • Matthew: I’m fine. Thank you. And you?
  • jannawhittaker: i am good thanks for asking.
  • jannawhittaker: I am Mrs. Janna Whittaker. I received my B.A. in French from Louisiana State University in Eunice, LA just west of New Orleans. I also studied accounting at the University of New Orleans. I have been with the Arise Technology Company for three years now. I work for an accounting team and I am here to briefly interview you about the opening position.Are you ready for the job briefing and interview ?
  • Matthew: yes
  • Matthew: I’m ready.
  • jannawhittaker: Ok.
  • jannawhittaker: Have you done an online interview before ?
  • Matthew: Yes, I have.
  • jannawhittaker: For what company ?
  • Matthew:
  • jannawhittaker: Ok and did you get the job ?
  • Matthew: Yes
  • jannawhittaker: Good.
  • jannawhittaker: Arise Technology company would like to welcome you to their company.
  • jannawhittaker: Our company’s mission, values, and goals, are expressed the Arise Technology way. The Arise Technology way encompasses our shared sense of purpose and provides clarity as we pursue our operational and strategic goals.
  • jannawhittaker: If you’d like to know more about our company, please visit our website at .We recommend you take a good look around and get a feel for our company before we start the interview process. Please let me know when you are ready to begin.
  • Matthew: What basic products or services does AriseTech provide?
  • jannawhittaker: Take a brief look at our website now and let me know once you are done so we can proceed with your job briefing and interview.
  • Matthew: I saw the site.
  • jannawhittaker: Ok, can we proceed now ?
  • Matthew: yes
  • jannawhittaker: Here are some interesting facts we think you’d like to know about the job and our company:
  • jannawhittaker: Our company has been focusing mainly on solar energy panels, but is now expanding to hire a data entry clerks and administrative assistants that work from home. This is in order to create more employment opportunities for people who live in less privileged communities and the physically disabled. This also helps to decrease the rate of unemployment in the country which benefits the economy.
  • Matthew: OK
  • Matthew: *still listening*
  • jannawhittaker: We are currently looking for staff to work from home as an accounting clerk. Working hours are flexible. You will be getting a one-week training period with your training supervisor online. She will be training to use the specific software you will need to work with as a data entry clerk or an administrative clerk.
  • Matthew: ok
  • jannawhittaker: This position is currently only available online as a work-from-home job. This means that everything is being taken care of online from a remote access point. Eventually, you will be able to choose whether or not you want to continue working from home or work in the office. Working hours are flexible and when working from home, you have the benefit of choosing where you want to do your work. For example, one may choose to work using a wireless internet connection right on the beach!
  • Matthew: ok
  • Matthew: *still listening*
  • jannawhittaker: The pay rate is $25 per hour and training is $20 per hour. Our employees are payed every Friday via direct deposit or pay check. Working part-time is a minimum of 20 hours per week and full-time is a minimum of 40 hours weekly.
  • Matthew: I would like to work part time at first.
  • Matthew: Could I be trained after hours or during the weekend?
  • jannawhittaker: Yes training hours are flexible and also we work both full time and part time position with the same benefits.
  • jannawhittaker: The job includes benefits such as health, dental, life, and AD&D insurance, employee wellness and 401k plans. All holidays are paid and employees enjoy generous company discounts.
  • Matthew: ok
  • Matthew: I’m interested.
  • jannawhittaker: Business hours are between 8am to 4pm CST however the working hours are flexible and you can choose hours that will work best for you. All activities and correspondence time are to be recorded in the Excel spreadsheet that will be coming along with your working materials.
  • Matthew: ok
  • jannawhittaker: Remember, working hours are flexible! All activities and correspondence time are to be recorded in an Excel spreadsheet. As for your duties, I will gladly assist you with any difficulties you may have through email.
  • Matthew: understood
  • jannawhittaker: Here are the duties and responsibilities for your position: Tracking data and source documents, preparing and sorting source documents, identifying and interpreting data to be entered, compiling, sorting and verifying data for accuracy, contacting responsible parties to resolve moderately complex questions, inconsistencies, or missing data, entering alphabetic, numeric, or symbolic data from source documents into computer following format displayed on screen, and entering necessary codes, comparing data entered with source documents, identifying errors and subsequently correcting those errors, filing or routing source documents after entry, responding to inquires regarding entered data, maintaining daily count of work processed.
  • Matthew: got it
  • jannawhittaker: Can you handle all this effectively ?
  • Matthew: That’s a big YES
  • jannawhittaker: The supervisor, who will be connected to you online, will assign logs of duty daily and you will be required to follow instructions to the detail using Microsoft Office and a specialized accounting software. The function of the accounting software is to arrange, formalize, and manage the data you have processed which you will then send to your supervisor via e-mail.
  • Matthew: ok
  • jannawhittaker: You will undergo a week training from your training supervisor. During that time, he will be training you to work with the company-specific programs with much accuracy and other data entry tasks you will need to get done. Your training will be conducted online through your PC or cell phone.
  • Matthew: ok
  • jannawhittaker: The following software are what you will be working with: PeachTree, MYOB, QuickBooks, NetSuite
  • Matthew: ok
  • Matthew: I’m familiar with QuickBooks
  • Matthew: I played with PeachTree once
  • jannawhittaker: Good, you will be doing a one week training with all these software’s
  • Matthew: understood
  • jannawhittaker: The company will provide you with an HP laptop with a fast and reliable internet connection. Your W-4 form will be arriving shortly with the other working materials you need to start earning money with our company. You will be required to purchase the software you will be working with and the company will have you reimbursed for your order. You will need to place an order with a certified vendor and trusted third-party company who will then have the programs installed free of charge on your company laptop. It will be sent to you via overnight shipping from FedEx.
  • Matthew: OK
  • Matthew: I’m in Clearfield Utah
  • jannawhittaker: Initially, the software will cost $612 but you will also be trained by your supervisor on how to navigate the programs. Note that you will also be paid during training and for all hours that you work. Also not that you will be reimbursed for this investment. The credit will arrive with your first paycheck. Our employees are paid once a week every Friday. You will need to purchase the software from the shipping agent who we have been conducting business with for years. The only payment method accepted is by MoneyGram/Western union. Once you have placed your order, the package will be shipped to you via FedEx overnight delivery.
  • Matthew: I cannot spend money for work, sorry.
  • Matthew: I work to make money. I don’t have money before work.
  • jannawhittaker: Ok then
  • Matthew: sorry
  • jannawhittaker: Sorry too
  • jannawhittaker: The company will provide you with the funds
  • jannawhittaker: That is if you do have a Credit Card where the funds needs to be transffered into.
  • Matthew: Why can’t the company pays directly to suppliers?
  • jannawhittaker: This is company’s funds
  • jannawhittaker: It is needed to be secured
  • Matthew: I don’t understand your answer.
  • jannawhittaker: So if you do have a Credit Card, you will be needing to provide me with the card details so the company’s accountant which is the third party agent will have the money accredited into the account and you will be needing to have it cash out and send it to the vendor who will come along with your complete mini office equipment to enable you start working with.
  • Matthew: I do not have a credit card. Would a debit card do?
  • jannawhittaker: Oh Credit Card is what is needed
  • jannawhittaker: What bank do you operate with?
  • Matthew: I don’t see why you cannot send money to my debit card.
  • Matthew: If you want to send me money, you can send it to a debit card.
  • Matthew: Otherwise, I cannot work for you, sorry.
  • jannawhittaker: Ok Then.
  • jannawhittaker: Credit Card is what is needed not Debit.
  • jannawhittaker: Debit card is Invalid.
    jannawhittaker is typing…
  • jannawhittaker: Good Luck if you do not feel comfortable doing this.
  • Matthew: thanks for your time
    jannawhittaker has signed out. (12/3/2011 10:57 AM)

4 comments on “Craigs list Work Scam or Paranoid job hunter

  1. thuc pham chuc nang

    Minh cung dang nghien cuu dung san pham thuc pham chuc nang, nhung ko biet co hieu qua that su ko nhi.

  2. Joel

    Just had an interview similar but they didn’t ask me for a credit card – just my name, address and sex information.

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  4. Nicolas Gannetti

    Work from home is a nice job since you have all the comforts of your home. :

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